Sunday, September 9, 2018

4 am and broken hearts

Its 4 something in the morning. I'm in so much pain emotionally and physically. Everything hurts. I know people think I shouldn't share posts like this on social media.... I need to stay strong.... I owe it to those around me. I promise I'm trying to stay strong for you all... 
I don't know how you just sit in so much pain and just be. I try to keep distracted, keep up a strong front.... but the pain is so bad and there's no pain reliever. There's nothing that helps. I feel empty and deeply alone. I know I HAVE to be alive... I HAVE to.... but every second hurts... this just is a hurt way more than I never knew existed. I know social norms say that we should keep such feelings to ourselves but maybe that's the problem. We walk around and act like we aren't dying on the inside as to not make other's uncomfortable. But I can't just sit here, a shell of myself and act like I'm just coasting through. My heart has been shattered, my world torn apart. Our hearts have been shattered. I feel like nothing will ever be the same....

If you are thinking of taking your own life, if you are hurting PLEASE seek help... People love you and would be devastated by losing you. 
          You are not a burden. You matter!! 

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