Friday, September 14, 2018

This too Shall Pass (Zuka's words)

Written by Zuka: July 1, 2018

So the Hebrew proverb for “this too shall pass “ is a story about King Solomon attempting to humble his minister Benaiah by requesting a magic ring to make a man both happy and sad at the same time to show of before the Jewish festival off sukkot which was about 6 months away . So benaiah had looked for this magic ring far and wide but couldn’t find anything.the night before sukkot he came across a merchant. So he asks this merchant if he has heard of the ring and the man took a golden band and inscribed on the ring “gam zeh Ya’avor “ . King Solomon takes this ring and reads it . He instantly looks at it and loses the smile on his face . The inscription in The in English reads “this too shall pass “ Nothing lasts forever so if you’re sad it will pass but also the happy moments won’t last forever. Everything is always fleeting and impermanent And the arrow symbolizes moving to keep moving forward past these things.

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