Friday, March 1, 2019

Not Pennies from heaven (adultish content)

I have heard a lot of people in my grief groups talk about signs from their loved one. For some it's birds, for other's it's pennies they find throughout the day, "Pennies from Heaven" as they call them. Well, I have had any occurrences with birds, butterflies, or pennies but, I have has some little reminder of Zuka's sense of humor popping up every once in awhile and it makes me laugh every time.

If you knew Zuka you know he had a wild sense of humor. For Christmas 2017, he sent his Dad, Antonio, a very nice present but, the week before that he sent him a hilarious present. Zuka sent him a "Bag Of D*cks" inside were two bags of phallic shaped gummy's and a whole bunch of phallic shaped metallic confetti.

I have vacuumed my floor, and washed my carpet so many times since December 2017. I have reorganized and gone through everything "Konmari" style and yet we still find these from time to time. Now, I am not saying they are from heaven, or that I believe Zuka is somehow leaving these for us. I don't really know what I believe in terms of all that...

but what I know is these little worn out metallic confetti pieces keep showing up, in clothing, on the carpet, in drawers and each time I see one I have to laugh and remember my sons awesome sense of humor. I remember the look on my husband's face when he received this gift, and the look of pure joy on Zukas face when I described, in detail, his dad's reaction to opening this gift. He thought it was hilarious!

He was smiling like THIS!

Antonio got him back by buying him the most loud, metallic pink tiger striped underwear. 
Turns our Zuka LOVED them and wore them often!! 

Sometimes it's the little things that add a little light in this journey!! 

I miss you Zuka, and your wild sense of humor!!! 

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